"Maraming salamat po! Napakalaking tulong po nito para sa akin at mga anak ko, lalong lalo na po ngayon." - Maria

Maria (not real name) is a housewife and a mother of a 9-year-old in Sorsogon. Her husband worked in Manila as a taxi driver and was the sole breadwinner of the family.

On the night of August 28, 2015, Maria's husband was hailed by a customer. They were followed by a black car. After a while, the passengers in the black car opened fire at them. According to the Police, they were aiming at the customer of Maria's husband. Unfortunately, Maria's husband was also shot and died a week after.

Through the incentive program of the taxi company, Maria's husband was insured by BIMA Accident Protection. Upon the tragic news of Maria's husband's death, the taxi company informed BIMA, which started the claim process. The claim was approved within 10 days by Pioneer after the submission of complete documents. BIMA assisted Maria in creating a bank account and depositing the insurance benefit of PHP 500,000 to her account. Moving forward, Maria plans to buy a house and a piece of land where she can farm to earn a living.