Practical Saving Tips for Every Millennial

Every employee’s favorite day would be payday. Experiencing the result of our two-week hard-work maybe one of the best rewards that we are getting twice a month. And most of us may intend to neglect to save for the future. Check out these tips that may guide you every payday.

#BIMAMAZING Tip1: PAY YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE PAYING YOUR BILLS. Setting a portion of your salary for savings and your dreams. You don't deserve to just keep on working and pay your bills and die.

#BIMAMAZING Tip 2: NEVER SPEND MORE THAN YOU EARN. Credit cards, loans are very enticing. Spending with these has less painful than spending in cash. Because of these, most tends to spend more than what they earned and one-day they will realize that they are swimming in debt. Be wise! Never spend more than you earned.

#BIMAMAZING Tip 3: INVEST IN ASSETS. Realize that you will never be too young. Invest while you are strong enough to work. There will come a time that you need money but you are not capable of working. Invest in Assets that will increase your income today and in the future.

#BIMAMAZING Tip 4: BE SURE YOU ARE COVERED. You will never know when unfortunate circumstances strike. Be sure you have insurance to back-up you when things like this happen. It is more painful to spend your whole life savings than a few bucks monthly. Don't worry there is a Personal Accident Insurance that will never hurt your budget.