Are You Ready For Your Christmas Bonus?

Everyone gets excited about the Christmas season. From kids to adults, giving and receiving gifts and opening them up, and getting the much-awaited Christmas bonus which can be given as early as November. Even before you get your hands on it, you are already thinking or have a list of what you are going to buy or to spend it with. But don't spend all of it in one day, and here are 5 of our tips on how to spend your bonus wisely.

Before you start spending your holiday bonus, make sure to pay off all your existing debts as much as possible to free you from thinking about it, and of course, interest rates.

You'll never know when you need to have extra cash so have a savings account dedicated to emergency expenses such as house repair and healthcare.

Having one of these is like having one less worry when you need it.

Having something is better than having nothing in case you lose your main source of income.

Try buying stocks or forex, just make sure you know how you can profit from it, or build a small store, or buy home appliances that consume less electricity so you can save from bills in the long run.

Getting prepared for the future by getting a personal accident and life insurance in case of sudden or accidental death will be a great help to your family financially.

With BIMA you can have the security of knowing that you or your family will be financially supported if you have an accident that results in loss of life or disability.

BIMA Life is a bundled product offering PHP 360,000 Personal Accident and PHP 40,000 Life Insurance.

After a year of hard work, you deserve to treat yourself.

Go and have that massage you need for relaxation, or eat at that restaurant you always wanted to try.

Do you think that these tips help you decide now? Splurging your bonus for yourself and family is good, however, having something for your future is important too. Let us help you protect your family's future with BIMA Life!