A Father’s Protection Until the End

May 31, 2019- 3 AM Nelzaleh Aizo, was awakened by a loud phone ring in her bedroom in Dubai. Puzzled who might be calling in the early dawn, she picks up the phone and she was surprised that its a call from her sister in the Philippines. “ Our brother is dead”. The shocking news that made her tremble and burst into tears. His brother, Nelzahib Aizo, a police officer was shot thirteen times in front of their house in Palawan. He was found lying down, dead, cold, swimming on his own blood. This was the most traumatic experience for Nelzaleh. News that changed his life, His brother, protector, savior is now gone forever.

Three months late the burial, his brother’s mobile phone were returned from the investigation unit. Checking if it is still working, Nelzaleh decided to turn it on to catch up with their last messages. Surprisingly, the phone snoozed and a message from BIMA appears.

Nelzaleh never thought that his brother will avail of insurance. To her, his brother seldom believes in insurance promises. Curious on how things happened, she contacted BIMA and one of their representatives confirmed his brother really subscribes to BIMA’s Personal Accident Insurance since January the same year. Trying if the claim application will be approved, she submits all the documents via Facebook Messenger. A week after submission, Nelzaleh receives the claim worth Php 210,000. BIMA are true to their promises.

When Nelzaleh Claims His Brother Coverage
From left to right, Melvin Juruena, Country Manager of BIMA Philippines, Nelzaleh Aizo- Yara, claimant, Roxanne Enriquez, from Pioneer

It was a happy experienced for her. Not because of the money but because she felt his brother’s care. His brother is protecting them from the financial burden even though he is gone. They never had the chance to say goodbye but through BIMA, Nelzahib was able to express how much he loves them until the end.

Nelzaleh said “ Palagay ko, (kasi) itong BIMA insurance, surpresa sa amin… normally hindi naman siya (Nelzahib) ganun kabilis na makumbinse para mag sign up sa insurance. (Narealized namin) Mayroon pala siyang plano kapag nawala siya. As a police officer kasi, nan doon ang uncertainty sa buhay.” “For me, BIMA Insurance is his surprise to us. It is very unusual for my brother to sign up in an insurance easily. We realized that my brothers had plans when he is gone. Especially that police lives are always uncertain.”

For Nelzaleh, it’s a bittersweet year. A tragic experience that they will never forget. One thing he learned from his brother for sure. with BIMA Insurance, she will never forget how Nelzahib cares for them until the end.