What does BIMA stand for?


Bima means "insurance" in Swahili, a language spoken in mainly East African countries where Bima is operating.

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What is an insurance?

An insurance is a practice or arrangement by a company which provides you protection against a possible loss, disability, illness or death. Basically, insurance can help you secure your family financially in the future and BIMA is the best place to do it.

What are your insurance plans?

For Silver, 45 pesos a month you can get 135,000 cash

   · 5 pesos per day for 9 days (within 30 days)

For Gold, 60 pesos a month you can get 180,000 cash

   · 5 pesos per day for 12 days (within 30 days)

For Platinum, 70 pesos a month you can get 210,000 cash

   · 5 pesos per day for 14 days (within 30 days)

*Note: the Sum Assured will vary depending on the extent of disability it can be 100% or 50% benefit

What benefits can I get?

100 % of cash benefit for death, for disablement of both hands, both feet, or sight of both eyes, disablement of one hand and one foot, either hand or either foot and sight one eye

50 % of cash benefit, for disablement of one hand or one foot or sight of one eye


Who are eligible to register?


Anyone aged 18-64 years old whose profession is not detective, secret service personnel, miner, underground worker, explosive maker, soldiers of the army, air, or naval force.

How do I register?

Send BIMA70, BIMA60 or BIMA45 (depending on chosen product type) to 2462 and look for a Bima Sales Agent near you in order to register. Need help to look for a Bima Sales Agent? Call our Customer Support Hotline 621 4505 (Landline), 0920 289 3722 (Smart), 0916 545 4460 (Globe) and we will assist you. You can also visit us in our office at Unit 1202 Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig

Before subscribing to this service, make sure you are aware of the key terms and conditions. For detailed policy terms, visit


What are the modes of payment?

  1. SMART and TNT - Payments will be deducted from your airtime balance or added on top of your postpaid bill

  2. GCash – Payment will be deducted from your GCash account balance

  3. Coins.Ph - Payment will be deducted from your Coins.Ph account balance

How do I renew my insurance?

Your monthly premium(renewal) will be deducted from SMART and TNT airtime balance or added on top of your postpaid bill, but if you decided to stop subscription you can text BIMA(Amount) OFF to 2462


What are the requirements I need to submit to file a claim?

  • Government issued ID of claimant

  • If Claimant/Beneficiary is:

    • Legal Spouse: Marriage Certificate w/ Registry No.

    • Common Law Spouse: CENOMAR of Principal Member and live-in partner and Center Resolution stating how long couple has lived together.

    • Parent: Birth Certificate w/ Registry No. of Principal Member

    • Sibling: Birth Certificate w/ Registry No. of Principal Member and Sibling

    • Sibling: Birth Certificate w/ Registry No. of Principal Member and Sibling

  • Medical / Death Certificate

  • Police report / incident report

*Additional requirements may be requested on a case by case basis.

Where do I submit the required documents?

You can submit the required documents in our office at Unit 1202 Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig

What are the exclusions?

This policy does not cover the following:

Self-inflicted injury; suicide; body or mental infirmity, disease or sickness; war; nuclear, chemical, or biological contamination; accidents while engaged in dangerous sports or hobbies, or while under the influence of alcohol and or any non prescribed drug; any violation or attempted violation of the law; surgery; murder while engaging in political activities; while performing duties as an acrobat, asylum attendant, aviator, boilerman, policeman, diver, fireman, member of the Armed Forces, security personnel, crew member of an aircraft or seacraft; having a profession as a detective, secret service personnel, miner, underground worker, or explosive maker; acts of terrorism.

How fast can my claim be processed?

Once all documents are complete, it takes only 10 working days to process a claim.


5th Flr., West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange, Exchange Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.1605 

Telephone : (02) 7 621 4505 

Globe: 0917-464-2462 

Smart: 0918-663-3248

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